Bitter truths of corporate management

  • Threat is used more often than rewards to get more productivity.
  • Long term growth of employees is never a goal for management.
    • Any effort towards growth of employee is nothing more than a necessary evil and is ignored as much as possible.
  • Managers try to suppress growth of immediate subordinates out of sense of insecurity and competition.
    • Degree of honesty & accuracy in ‘supporting growth’ of an employee is directly proportional to the gap in seniority level between manager and employee.
  • Never share personal goals or future plans with management.
    • All such information will always be used against you to extract more out of you while paying less.
  • There is zero respect for the loyalty.
    • Your existence depends only on the fact that your replacement will be costlier than you.

Note: This may not be true for 100% organizations and are based on personal observations.