Role of 3rd Pin of Electric Plug In Your Growth

Generally two pin plug is used to run small electronic gadgets like fan, tube-light, mobile charger. What is the role of these two pins in your growth.

1st Pin – Live Current Wire – Your Hard Work

In Electric plug, first and most important pin is live current wire which produces Power. If Power is not there, you can’t run any electronic item and to get this power, you have to pay.

In real life this Power Pin is your Hard Work. If you want to achieve your goal you have to work for it.

2nd Pin – Neutral Wire – Your Luck

You do not have to pay for Neutral in electric plug but if Power is there and Neutral is not there then you can not run your electronic item. So Neutral costs nothing but is mandatory.

In same way, You do not have to work for your luck. No matter how hard you work and your luck is not with you, You can not get what you want like something unusual happens and you could not achieve your goal even when you deserve it.

But also I’ve found that luck is quite predictable. Take more chances, Be more active, Show up more often and you will get more luck.

When you have to run any electronic gadget, You need both positive wire which is Power and negative wire which is Neutral. Similarly both Hard Work and luck is required to get any thing in your life.

3rd Pin – Earth Wire – Guidance of Great People

To run comparatively big appliances like refrigerator, A.C, television, three pin plug is used, that extra 3rd pin is Earth Wire which is not mandatory for small gadgets but is used to run bigger metallic appliances and it helps to open sockets and protects from shocks.

In real life, If you want to grow exceptionally, you can also add that third pin in your life which is nothing but the guidance of successful people who can help you to find new opportunities and protect you from going in wrong direction.

For example, you want to be a good photographer and you add guidance of a photographer who has already reached heights in this profession and he knows all the ways to click a very good photo and very bad photo and you are using his experiences in your profession, then definitely you can become a good photographer in very less time.


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